Who are Abby and Sarah?

After reading my first post yesterday, a long time friend from high school emailed me and said, "Who is this friend from high school you are going to the Olympics with?  I thought we were your high school friends!" 

So let me introduce my travel companions, Abby and Sarah.

I met Abby my senior year of high school.  Generally high school sport managers don't attend practices, they just show up for games.  However, if you've ever met Abby, you know she is different.  I was co-captain of the team, something I had been waiting three years for.  So why was this crazy freshman standing on the sidelines yelling at MY team?  Yup, that was Abby.  Abby went on to manage the UConn Women's Basketball team for four years, and then worked for the Connecticut Sun.  As a result she has made some great connections and friendships with former UConn players, connections which we are hoping to exploit during our time in London!  Thanks to her connections (and alumni status) we will be attending a UConn Alumni event with the high hopes that Geno and crew will make an appearance.  Hopefully picture with Sue Bird to follow!!

I met Sarah my freshman year of college.  She walked by my dorm room at least four times.  Every time she walked by, she would peer in my room.  I recognized her from somewhere, but couldn't place it.  Finally, she popped in and we determined that she too had played high school basketball.  We had actually competed against each other for four years.  This is actually our second trip to London together in a way.  When I studied abroad my junior year, Sarah and several other friends came to visit. 

I introduced Sarah and Abby to each other at a WNBA game (big surprise huh) several years ago.  In fact, Abby was working, and hooked us up with free tickets. So there you have it.  The tail of how we all came together. 

It was my idea to pursue a trip to the Olympics, and I was more than happy to have friends with the same intention.  To London we go...