Another fantastic day here in Londontown. I headed out solo this morning, while Sarah and Abby headed to Buckingham Palace. It was very pleasant out so I walked to the Natural History Museum to see their Wild Life Photography exhibition. I use to frequent this exhibit when I studied here, and was happy to see it was still going on with new photos. From there I ventured to Harrods, the worlds greatest shopping store. The great thing about Harrods is its so massive there is always something new to explore. The food halls are always a favorite of mine to check out, they are amazing and include pretty much everything you could ever want.

Later in the day I met back up with Sarah and Abby and we headed out to the Uconn Alumni gathering. The six players from the national team and Geno walked into the room to a loud applause. They signed autographs and took photos. Sue Bird was kind enough to snap a photo with me, but it's on my real camera so everyone will just have to believe me until I return home and can post it. We also had the pleasure of meeting Doris Burke. She is an ESPN announcer for the NBA, WNBA, and NCAA. She spent a few minutes talking with us, very nice lady!

The day concluded meeting up with my friend Emma again for dinner. Sarah departs tomorrow, leaving Abby and I here until Sunday.