Stonehenge and Bath

Nine years ago I studied abroad in London, so finding a tourist destination or site I haven't been to is somewhat difficult. As a result today was my second trip to Stonehenge and Bath. Stonehenge looks the same, a massive rock formation in the middle of nowhere. They still have no clue what purpose it serviced, which I guess adds to the intrigue of the whole place. I kid, its pretty amazing. I picked up a few new stats though, like the fact that the rocks came from Wales, and up until thirty years ago or so people would chip off bits of rock as a keep-sake. We rolled into Bath during a massive rainstorm, which led us to spend an hour in a pub for lunch till the rain slowed up. No complaints here. I love the Roman era, and I think anything that was built that long ago and is still standing is amazing.

This evening we hung out in the Visa VIP Lounge to watch the track events. It was a fun atmosphere, and of course free never hurt, which it was.

Tomorrow we finally head to Olympic Park, which we are all obviously very excited about.