Here comes the sun

The past day and a half have been low key. As I've said, I've spent enough time in London that I don't need to sightsee anymore and Abby did an excellent job of cramming in all the sites. So in a way we all most ran out of things to do.

The weather has been fabulous though. Londoners go crazy when the weather is like this, sunny, hot but not too hot, and no humidity. People are spilling out of bars and lounging around on every green space possibly because they never know when they will see the sun again. So mostly we have just been walking around, exploring by foot and finding the freaky Olympic mascots around the city so Abby can take photos of them.

We meet another one of my friends last night for drinks. Jess is originally from California but lives here now with her husband. We meet in 2003 via study abroad. I haven't seen here in nearly four years, so it was nice to catch up. Probably one of the nicest parts of this trip has been see old friends from different time periods in my life.

The night ended with a hilarious scene of finding out there was a dead bat in my bedroom back home. John came back from a week at basketball camp to find the little guy dead on the floor but not before it clearly flew around the apartment dropping little presents. I was looking forward to going home but now I'm not so sure...