Handball...What's handball?

The fourth most asked question I've received is what is handball? It's widely popular in Europe, and in fact originated and spread through Northern Europe in the early 19th century. It's played on an indoor court roughly the size of a basketball court, with a rectangular goal on each end. Each side has six players plus a goalie. The ball is similar to a soccer ball, only small enough to palm. The game we saw was a women's quarterfinal game between Russia and South Korea. Handball combines dribbling, passing, and shooting with rules similar to ultimate frisbee. It's much more physical and high scoring than I thought. The Russian coach, who looked and sounded like he drank straight vodka for breakfast (sorry if you are Russian and reading this but I don't think I know any Russians) received the equivalent of a technical for his yelling. As a result, Russia had to play down a player for two minutes. This proved costly and South Korea pulled out a 24-23 victory. Although Russia had a chance to tie it with no time remaining on the lock, so it was a fun game to watch. The Copperbox, which is the name of the arena was quaint, but loud. Again we had great seats, no complaints about bad seats at any venue we have been to do far.

I've taken up two new hobbies since being here in London. The first is photo-bombing photos. I got in a bunch of photos last night leaving the park. The second started today. I yell "it's Abby Gordon!! Look it's Abby Gordon everyone"in a large crowd and point to Abby. She simply ignores me, as Sarah turns red and pretends she doesn't know us, so much so that she is now wearing a Russia shirt. Good times. Goods times indeed.