We have two more free days here until our last Olympic event. Abby and I began the day in Covent Garden at the Olympic Sport exhibition. I actually had no idea how the modern Olympics came to be again, so it was really interesting. In short, they were reestablished by a Frenchman. They had a torch and medals from each of the modern games on display as well. From there we headed to the NBA Experience to fulfill our American basketball needs. See the photo below of when I held the NBA trophy!

After a quick lunch from a delicious outdoor food stall, we headed to the British Museum. I gave Abby a quick hit of all the hot spots in the museum, the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon Friezes to be exact.

Tonight we sweat out the USA vs. Australia women's basketball game. We would have been beyond disappointed had they lost and not played for the gold medal Saturday night. Thankfully they won. We also had dinner and drinks with another one of my friends living here, Nikki. The last time I saw Nikki was when I was living in Sydney. It's always nice to catch up with friends after so many years and get along like only a few days have passed. It's been great combining the Olympics, sight-seeing, and catching up with old friends while here.

PS-We watched dressage today, aka horse dancing. It has to be the oddest Olympic sport around. Curling looks normal compared to this!