Are you going to compete?

Four years ago I was sitting on a couch in Sydney watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  I had been in Sydney for about a month when Olympic time rolled around.  When I left the US four weeks earlier, I was naive enough to think that 1) Beijing was much closer than it actually was, and 2) That because it was so close I could just pop in and maybe see the Olympics first hand.  Turns out Beijing is far far far away from Australia, and that Olympic tickets are actually difficult to come by.  When the Closing Ceremonies aired and the famous double checker bus rolled out passing the torch to London, I decided I was going.  London 2012 or bust.  So fast forward four years.  I head to London on Thursday, for what I consider a once in a lifetime trip. My travel mates include a friend from high school and a friend from college.  I am the common link amongst the trio, that and our love for women's basketball.

During my lead up to takeoff, I've generally been asked the same three questions,  1) What events are you going to see? 2) How did you get tickets? 3) Are you going to compete?

Question three is my favorite.  Really, am I going to compete!  I know people regard me as sporty and athletic, but I am far from an Olympic athlete.  Like very far, even farther than Sydney is to Beijing.  I was asked that question so many times though I started to tell people I was actually a line judge. If you've ever spoken to me for more than 30 seconds, you know I love a sarcastic answer.  I'm not sure why people believe me when I say these things...

Field Hockey, Women's Handball, Athletics aka Track and Field, and the Women's Gold Medal Basketball Game, those are the events I will be seeing.

How did we get tickets?  Who cares, we are going (it was legal and legit though I promise).